Private School Planning

Saint Louis has fantastic private schools!  We are blessed with an abundance of private schools which offer unique settings and options for your student.  


Joe has extensive knowledge of the private school options in St. Louis.  He has experience with the Catholic elementary and high schools, the Lutheran Schools, Presbyterian Schools, and independent private schools of St. Louis.  Over the years, Joe has assisted families with making the right educational, social and faith based fit for their children.  Joe's familiarity with the private schools offers you an expertise in understanding the nuances that you will not understand from brochures and school tours.


Private school planning to find the best fit between your student's needs and the myriad of choices in St. Louis


Assistance for the family that has recently moved to St. Louis and needs assistance understanding the choices and options.


Speciality understanding of schools with services and supports for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.


Consultation regarding Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 Accommodations plans to help your student achieve his/her potential.

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