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Winning Edge Psychological Services and it's online home Winning Edge Mind are the creation of licensed psychologist Joe Lenac.  Joe's education and training as a clinical psychologist along with his 26 years of experience offer your student the best care in metropolitan Saint Louis, MO.


Philosophy:  Joe recognizes that every student is unique.  Our assessment process is based upon the guiding philosophy of understanding how the student processes information.  We seek to understand a student's unique strengths and weaknesses and how a student can maximize his/her strengths while managing his/her weaknesses.  If a student meets criteria for a learning disability diagnosis or attention deficit hyperactivity diagnosis we will make the appropriate diagnosis to help him/her receive supports and accommodations. Labeling a student is not our goal; however a proper diagnosis provides insight for parents, students and teachers as well as opening the door for a student to receive educational supports, academic accommodations and effective treatment.  We provide extensive and specific recommendations to help guide your student; creating a road map for his/her educational success.


Why Work With A Licensed Psychologist?

First and foresmost a licensed psychologist is specifically trained in the use of psychological tests and measures.  Psychology is the profession that creates the tests and measures.  Second only a licensed psychologist is allowed to adminster and interpret intelligence tests in a private practice setting in the State of Missouri.  Licensed counselors and licensed social workers do not have the ability to conduct intelligence testing in Missouri.  Third, beware people advertising themselves to the public at large as "certified school examiners or certified psychological examiners as well as school psychologists"; these are unlicensed individuals who have no business testing students because they are not licensed professionals.  Fourth, a licensed psychologist is the standard in having your student's evaluation completed.  Most colleges and universties demand that a college evaluation is completed by a licensed psychologist.


Experience Counts:  Joe has worked "in house" as the consulting psychologist for some of the best independent private, Catholic, and Lutheran schools in metropolitan St. Louis.  Joe was the first  consulting psychologist for Saint Louis University High School (6 years) and worked in house at John Burroughs School counseling students.  His work is recommended by the Archdiocese Board of Education's Special Education division.  As a licensed psychologist, Joe possesses the highest credential to work with your student and family.


Joe is actively involved in the St. Louis community as the past president of the St. Louis Psychological Association, past board member of the Missouri Psychological Association, past board member of the St. Louis Learning Disability Association (St. Louis LDA), past and current board member on metropolitan St. Louis private schools, and as a presenter and trainer for St. Louis County Special School District, St. Louis City School District, many private and parochial schools, universities, and the State of Missouri Learning Disability Conference.


Personal Life:  Joe is married and an active father to five children.  He is a life time runner, skier, golfer and hiker.  Joe holds a 2nd degree black belt in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.  He also provides sport psychology services to athletes, coaches, teams and parents his sports website link is;



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