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Welcome to Winning Edge Psychological Services your Saint Louis resource for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.  Winning Edge has been helping St. Louis students and families for 26 years.  We work with all types of learning disabilities:  dyslexia, reading disorder, writing disorder, dysgraphia, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperacticity disorder, math disorder, written language disorder, sensory integration disorder, Asperger's disorder, high functioning autism, oppositional defiant disoder, and speech/language disorder.


We specialize in psychological testing (also called psycho-educational testing, or learning disability testing) to help students and parents understand the student's learning strengths and weaknesses.  Our psycho-educational testing helps clarify needs and makes diagnoses of learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and depression.  Our testing helps families with Individual Education Plans (IEP), 504 Accommodation Plans, and college student disability plans, extended time for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, LSAT and MCAT, GRE, and professional board examinations.  We also assist families with gifted students complete testing and to advocate for services in gifted student programs.


Pychological and educational testing includes the use of intelligence testing, cognitive tests, individual achievement tests, specific academic measures in reading, writing and memory, as well as rating scales to examine attention, concentration, anxiety, depression, thought, conduct and daily behaviors.  Winning Edge assists students with gaining the supports and accommodations they need to achieve academic success at all age levels:  elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and graduate school.


Tests that we regularly administer include:  Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test IV, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children V Edition, Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Measures Third Edition NU, Wechsler Individual Achievement Tests Fourth Edition, Woodcock Johnson Individual Achievement Tests Third Edition, Stanford Diagnostic Reading Tests Fourth Edition, Nelson Denny Tests of Reading, Gray Oral Tests of Reading Fourth Edition, Test of Written Language Fourth Edition, and the Beery Butenika Test of Visual Motor Integration.


Winning Edge was created and founded by licensed psychologist Joe Lenac.  Joe is widely recognized in the St. Louis metropolitan area for his 26 years of experience in working with and  helping St. Louis students, families and schools facing a variety of educational issues.  Joe's education and experience as a clinical psychologist provides his clients with the best possible service.  He has worked "in house" as the consulting psychologist for Saint Louis University High School and John Burroughs School.  Joe is a former board member of the Learning Disability Association of St. Louis (also known as St Louis LDA), of the Logos School Professional Advisory Committee and with United Way Venture Grant Committees.


Does Your Student?


  • Frequently work below his/her grade level, or earn inconsistent grades?
  • Complain of difficulty understanding and retaining what he/she reads?
  • Struggle with starting homework, or take an excessive amount of time to complete routine homework?
  • Run out of time on tests or need extended time to demonstrate his/her knowledge?
  • Appears to be losing his/her confidence and interest in school and learning?
  • Need re-evaluation to retain his/her extended time accommodations?
  • Appear disorganized, often forgetting his/her books, permission slips, money, important papers or homework?
  • Feel overwhelmed or disinterested in high school search and choice?
  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious about college planning?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help!

Psychological and Psycho-educational Testing


A full psycho-educational evaluation of your student's abilities will provide insight regarding their unique learning style and possible learning differences. The results of the testing provide valuable data about their skills as well as shed light on possible learning disabilities and ADHD.


We conduct one on one testing with your student which may include:  intelligence measures, academic achievement, processing, memory, reading, writing, visual-motor skills, attention, anxiety, depression and behavior.  Once the testing is completed we meet to discuss the results together, review possible diagnoses, discuss supports and accommodations, and specific study strategies to help your student improve his/her work.  All of our evaluations are documented in a formal individualized report with specific recommendations for the student, his/her school, your physician, ACT/SAT and colleges.


Psychologists are uniquely and specifically trained to understand and conduct testing.  As a licensed psychologist, Joe possesses the exact set of skills to evaluate your student.  At Winning Edge, we do it right the first time.

 Choosing the right professional matters!  If you are looking for professional to test your student please read this important information: 


There are several non-profit organizations who have "testing centers" that use unlicensed former teachers, unlicensed school psychologists and unlicensed "certified psychological examiners".  None of these individuals have a professional license that allows them to conduct psychological testing.  Do not be tempted to use unlicensed para-professionals. 


Further, Licensed Professional Counselors licenses do not allow them the ability to conduct psychological testing (including IQ testing) or make diagnoses.  There licenses allow them to counsel.  The only professional in the State of Missouri allowed to adminster, score and interpret IQ testing in a private practice setting are licensed psychologists. 


Psychologists are the professionals who created IQ testing and the majority of psycho-educational tests in use today.  A psychologists training includes multiple semesters on testing and assessment at the graduate school level.  Do your testing right the first time - choose a licensed psychologist the only professional in the State of Missouri licensed to do so. 



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